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Taking Stock of Monetary and Exchange Rate Regimes in Emerging Europe

Author/Editor: Nazim Belhocine, Ernesto Crivelli, Nan Geng, Johannes Wiegand.

Release Date:November, 2016

The demands on monetary and exchange rate regimes in CESEE have evolved, in line with the region’s development. In the 1990s, the immediate challenge was to rein in excessive inflation following more...

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Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa : Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Author/Editor: Montfort Mlachila, Ahmat Jidoud, Monique Newiak, Bozena Radzewicz-Bak, Misa Takebe.

Release Date:September, 2016

Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa more...

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China's Changing Trade and the Implications for the CLMV

Author/Editor: Koshy Mathai, Geoff Gottlieb, Gee Hee Hong, Sung Eun Jung, Jochen M Schmittmann, Jiangyan Yu.

Release Date:September, 2016

China’s trade patterns are evolving. While it started in light manufacturing and the assembly of more sophisticated products as part of global supply chains, China is now moving up the value chain, more...

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Cyclical Behavior of Fiscal Policy among Sub-Saharan African Countries

Author/Editor: Tetsuya Konuki, Mauricio Villafuerte.

Release Date:August, 2016

Excessively procyclical fiscal policy can be harmful. This paper investigates to what extent the fiscal policies of sub-Saharan African countries were procyclical in recent years and the reasons for more...

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Learning to Live with Cheaper Oil : Policy Adjustment in MENA and CCA Oil-Exporting Countries

Author/Editor: Martin Sommer, Allan Auclair, Armand Fouejieu, Inutu Lukonga, Saad Quayyum, Amir Sadeghi, Gazi Shbaikat, Andrew Tiffin, Bruno Versailles.

Release Date:June, 2016

This paper discusses the challenges posed by low oil prices in the MENA and CCA regions, the adjustment policies adopted so far, and remaining adjustment needs and future risks. more...

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Exchange Rate Developments and Policies in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Author/Editor: Mark A Horton, Hossein Samiei, Natan P Epstein, Kevin Ross.

Release Date:May, 2016

Since late 2014, exchange rates (ERs) and ER regimes of the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) countries have come under strong pressure. This reflects the decline of oil and other commodity prices, more...

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Walking a Fine Line : Public Investment Scaling-Up and Debt Sustainability in Burkina Faso

Author/Editor: Malangu Kabedi-Mbuyi, Mame Astou Diouf, Constant Lonkeng Ngouana.

Release Date:April, 2016

This paper analyzes the macroeconomics of scaling up public investment in Burkina Faso under alternative financing options, including through foreign aid and a combination of tax adjustment and more...

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From Crisis to Convergence : Charting a Course for Portugal

Author/Editor: Dmitry Gershenson, Albert Jaeger, Subir Lall.

Release Date:March, 2016

In 2011, following years of large-scale external imbalances financed by debt, Portugal’s economy reached a crisis point. To restore economic growth and credibility with international lenders, the more...

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Trade Integration and Global Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa : In Pursuit of the Missing Link

Author/Editor: Céline Allard, Jorge Iván Canales Kriljenko, Jesus Gonzalez-Garcia, Emmanouil Kitsios, Juan P Trevino, Wenjie Chen.

Release Date:March, 2016

This analysis of the extent of trade integration of sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries in the global economy as well as within the region over the 1995–2013 period focuses on four key concepts: more...

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Avoiding the New Mediocre : Raising Long-Term Growth in the Middle East and Central Asia

Author/Editor: Pritha Mitra, Amr Hosny, Gohar Minasyan, Mark Fischer, Gohar Abajyan.

Release Date:March, 2016

Raising the Middle East and Central Asia’s long-term growth prospects is critical for meeting the region's pressing need for jobs and higher living standards. more...

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