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Make Investment Scaling-Up Work in Benin : A Macro-Fiscal Analysis

Author/Editor: Karim Barhoumi, Larry Cui, Christine Dieterich, Nicolas End, Matteo Ghilardi, Alexander Raabe, Sergio Sola.

Release Date:January, 2016

This paper conducts a systematic growth and fiscal analysis to determine: (1) the growth potential of Benin’s ambitious scaling-up of investment, and (2) how the government can generate the more...

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The Spillover Effects of Russia’s Economic Slowdown on Neighboring Countries

Author/Editor: Ara Stepanyan, Agustin Roitman, Gohar Minasyan, Dragana Ostojic, Natan P Epstein.

Release Date:November, 2015

In the face of sharply lower oil prices and geopolitical tensions and sanctions, economic activity in Russia decelerated in late 2014, resulting in negative spillovers on Commonwealth of Independent more...

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Ireland : Lessons from Its Recovery from the Bank-Sovereign Loop

Release Date:October, 2015

Ireland’s major property bubble burst at the same time as the global financial crisis erupted, plunging the country into a severe recession in 2008–10. Public debt climbed rapidly as more...

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Strengthening the West African Economic and Monetary Union : The Role of Fiscal and Market Institutions in Economic Stabilization

Author/Editor: Olivier Basdevant, Patrick A Imam, Tidiane Kinda, Aleksandra Zdzienicka.

Release Date:October, 2015

West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) countries face a well-known dilemma between the need to provide shock-smoothing mechanisms and the lack of adequate mechanisms to do so. WAEMU more...

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Evolving Banking Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa : Key Features and Challenges

Author/Editor: Mauro Mecagni, Daniela Marchettini, Rodolfo Maino.

Release Date:September, 2015

Banking in SSA has undergone very significant changes over the last two decades. Financial liberalization and related reforms, upgrades in institutional and more recently the expansion of more...

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Monitoring and Managing Fiscal Risks in the East African Community

Author/Editor: Paolo Mauro, Herve Joly, Ari Aisen, Emre Alper, Francois Boutin-Dufresne, Jemma Dridi, Nikoloz Gigineishvili, Tom Josephs, Clara Mira, Vimal V Thakoor, Alun H Thomas, Fan Yang.

Release Date:August, 2015

This paper takes stock of the main fiscal risks facing the EAC partner countries. These include macroeconomic shocks, and specific risks, such as the financial performance of the public enterprises, more...

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Toward a Monetary Union in the East African Community : Asymmetric Shocks, Exchange Rates, and Risk-Sharing Mechanisms

Author/Editor: Paulo Drummond, Ari Aisen, Emre Alper, Ejona Fuli, Sé, bastien Walker.

Release Date:July, 2015

This paper examines how susceptible East African Community (EAC) economies are to asymmetric shocks, assesses the value of the exchange rate as a shock absorber for these countries, and reviews more...

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Building Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa's Fragile States

Author/Editor: Enrique Gelbard, Corinne Delé Chat , Ejona Fuli, Mumtaz Hussain, Ulrich Jacoby, Dafina Glaser, Marco Pani, Gustavo Ramirez, Rui Xu.

Release Date:June, 2015

This paper analyzes the persistence of fragility in some sub-Saharan African states and the multiple dimensions of state weakness that are simultaneously at play. This study also provides an overview more...

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Understanding Revenue Administration : An Initial Data Analysis Using the Revenue Administration Fiscal Information Tool

Author/Editor: Andrea Lemgruber, Andrew Masters, Duncan Cleary.

Release Date:May, 2015

During the past few years, the Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) has developed the Revenue Administration Fiscal Information Tool (RA-FIT), a tax and customs data gathering initiative. This paper, the more...

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Dollarization in Sub-Saharan Africa : Experiences and Lessons

Author/Editor: Mauro Mecagni, Juan S Corrales, Jemma Dridi, Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu, Patrick A Imam, Justin Matz, Carla Macario, Rodolfo Maino, Yibin Mu, Ashwin Moheeput, Futoshi Narita, Marco Pani, Manuel Rosales, Sebastian Weber, Etienne B Yehoue.

Release Date:May, 2015

Dollarization—the use of foreign currencies as a medium of exchange, store of value, or unit of account—is a notable feature of financial development under macroeconomically fragile more...

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