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A Guide to IMF Stress Testing: Methods and Models

Author/Editor: Li L Ong.

Release Date:December, 2014

The IMF has had extensive involvement in the stress testing of financial systems in its member countries. This book presents the methods and models that have been developed by IMF staff over the more...

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IMF Financial Operations 2014

Release Date:October, 2014

IMF Financial Operations 2014 provides a broad introduction to how the IMF fulfills its mission through its financial activities. It covers the financial structure and operations of the IMF more...

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Getting Energy Prices Right: From Principle to Practice

Author/Editor: Ian W H Parry, Dirk Heine, Eliza Lis, Shanjun Li.

Release Date:July, 2014

Energy taxes can produce substantial environmental and revenue benefits and are an important component of countries’ fiscal systems. Although the principle that these taxes should reflect global more...

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Administering Fiscal Regimes for Extractive Industries: A Handbook

Author/Editor: Jack Calder.

Release Date:July, 2014

Revenues from natural resources often pose unique challenges for tax administration. This Handbook is one of the first of its kind to focus attention on effectively administering revenues from more...

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IMF History: A Digital Collection

Release Date:July, 2014

This 2014 digital collection includes a foreword by Managing Director Christine Lagarde and contains key publications and documents providing valuable insights into the founding and history of the more...

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Issuing International Sovereign Bonds: Opportunities and Challenges for Sub-Saharan Africa

Author/Editor: Mauro Mecagni, Jorge Iván Canales Kriljenko, Cheikh A Gueye, Yibin Mu, Masafumi Yabara, Sebastian Weber.

Release Date:June, 2014

This African Department Paper examines the rise in international sovereign bonds issued by African frontier economies and recommends policies for potential first-time issuers. more...

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The Mystery of Missing Real Spillovers in Southern Africa: Some Facts and Possible Explanations

Author/Editor: Olivier Basdevant, Andrew W Jonelis, Borislava Mircheva, Slavi T Slavov.

Release Date:June, 2014

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the economies of South Africa and its neighbors (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe) are tightly integrated with each other. There are more...

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Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy

Release Date:May, 2014

This book presents the findings from the 2013 IMF conference on Rethinking Macro Policy II: First Steps and Early Lessons, which brought together leading academics and policymakers from around the more...

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Caribbean Renewal: Tackling Fiscal and Debt Challenges

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey, Therese Turner-Jones.

Release Date:May, 2014

Caribbean economies face high and rising debt-to-GDP ratios that jeopardize prospects for medium-term debt sustainability and growth. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges of more...

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Jobs and Growth: Supporting the European Recovery

Author/Editor: Martin Schindler, Helge Berger, Bas B Bakker, Antonio Spilimbergo.

Release Date:April, 2014

Five years after the onset of the global financial crisis, Europe’s economy is still fragile. Notwithstanding recent positive signs amid calmer financial markets, medium-term growth is likely to more...

Price: $38.00