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IMF Financial Operations 2016

Release Date:November, 2016

IMF Financial Operations 2016 provides a broad introduction to how the IMF fulfills its mission through its financial activities. It covers the financial structure and operations of the IMF and also more...

Price: $68.00
Challenges for Central Banking : Perspectives from Latin America

Author/Editor: Luis I Jacome H, Yan Carriere-Swallow, Hamid Faruqee, Krishna Srinivasan.

Release Date:October, 2016

In the wake of the 2008–09 global financial crisis, central banking and monetary policy in many corners of the world came under intense pressure and entered unchartered waters. The breadth and more...

Price: $30.00
Resilience and Growth in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Hoe Ee Khor, Roger P Kronenberg, Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:August, 2016

Pacific island countries face unique challenges to realizing their growth potential and raising living standards. This book discusses ongoing challenges facing Pacific island countries and policy more...

Price: $35.00
Breaking the Oil Spell : The Gulf Falcons' Path to Diversification

Author/Editor: Reda Cherif, Fuad Hasanov, Min Zhu.

Release Date:April, 2016

The “Gulf Falcons”—the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council—have high living standards as a result of large income flows from oil. The decline of oil prices between summer 2014 and fall more...

Price: $40.00
Building Integrated Economies in West Africa : Lessons in Managing Growth, Inclusiveness, and Volatility

Author/Editor: Alexei P Kireyev.

Release Date:April, 2016

The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) has a long and varied history, and this book examines how the WAEMU can achieve its development and stability objectives, improve the livelihood more...

Price: $40.00
Taming Indian Inflation

Author/Editor: Paul Cashin, Rahul Anand.

Release Date:February, 2016

High and persistent inflation has presented serious macroeconomic challenges in India in recent years, increasing the country’s domestic and external vulnerabilities. A number of factors more...

Price: $30.00
Africa on the Move : Unlocking the Potential of Small Middle-Income States

Author/Editor: Lamin Leigh, Ali M Mansoor.

Release Date:January, 2016

This book describes the reforms needed to move small middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa to advanced-economy status. The result of intense discussions with public officials in the countries more...

Price: $30.00
Collapse and Revival : Understanding Global Recessions and Recoveries

Author/Editor: Ayhan Kose, Marco E Terrones.

Release Date:December, 2015

As the debates about the recent global recession and the subsequent recovery have clearly shown, our understanding of these questions has been very limited. This comprehensive text puts more...

Price: $65.00
Power Play : Energy and Manufacturing in North America

Author/Editor: Roberto Cardarelli, Lusine Lusinyan.

Release Date:November, 2015

The recent boom in unconventional energy production is transforming the energy landscape in North America, with important implications for global energy markets and the broader competitiveness more...

Price: $25.00
The Mechanics of a Strong Euro Area : IMF Policy Analysis

Author/Editor: Petya Koeva Brooks, Mahmood Pradhan.

Release Date:October, 2015

Among member states, many structural weaknesses were exposed when economic performance declined significantly and financial markets became more discerning. This book focuses on the analytical more...

Price: $30.00