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Author/Editor: International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept..

Release Date:March, 2014

For the latest thinking about the international financial system, monetary policy, economic development, poverty reduction, and other critical issues, subscribe to Finance & Development more...

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Finance and Development, March 2014

Release Date:February, 2014

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Finance and Development, December 2013

Release Date:November, 2013

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Finance and Development, September 2013

Release Date:August, 2013

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Finance & Development, June 2013

Release Date:May, 2013

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Finance & Development, March 2013

Release Date:February, 2013

Two years ago, citizens in the Arab world—fired by their ideals and visions of a better life—ignited a social movement that inspired people around the globe. In Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, more...

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Finance & Development, December 2012

Release Date:November, 2012

By combating malaria with mosquito nets or buildingschools and providing basic sanitation, philanthropyis helping transform the developing world. Rich donorsare devoting fortunes—many of them more...

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Finance & Development, September 2012

Release Date:November, 2012

Technology is generating a global convergence. A big bang of information—and education as well—is improving human lives. And with global interconnectivity growing by leaps and more...

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Finance & Development, March 2012

Release Date:March, 2012

Young people, hardest hit by the global economic downturn, are speaking out and demanding change. F&D looks at the need to urgently address the challenges facing youth and create opportunities more...

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Finance & Development, September 2011 (PDF Download)

Release Date:September, 2011

All for One examines inequality and the many ways it matters. In our overview article, the World Bank's Branko Milanovic explains how income inequality is measured and tells us that it's increased more...

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