Measuring Energy Security : Trends in the Diversification of Oil and Natural Gas Supplies

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Author/Editor: Prakash Loungani, Frederick L. Joutz, Gail Cohen
Release Date: © February, 2011
ISBN : 978-1-45521-787-8
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We present evidence on one facet of energy security in OECD economies - the extent of diversification in sources of oil and natural gas supplies. Viewed from the perspective of the energy-importing countries as a whole, there has not been much change in diversification in oil supplies over the last decade, but diversification in sources of natural gas supplies has increased steadily. We document the cross-country heterogeneity in the extent of diversification. We also show how the extent of diversification changes if account is taken of the political risk attached to suppliers; the size of the importing country; and transportation risk.


Balance of trade , Consumption , Economic development , Economic sectors , Energy sector , Exports , Imports , International trade

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