Crisis Management and Resolution for a European Banking System

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Author/Editor: Alessandro Giustiniani, Wim Fonteyne, Wouter Bossu, Alessandro Gullo, Seán Kerr, Daniel C. L. Hardy, Luis Cortavarria-Checkley
Release Date: © March, 2010
ISBN : 978-1-45198-269-5
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This paper proposes an integrated crisis management and resolution framework for the EU's single banking market. It comprises a European Resolution Authority (ERA), armed with the mandate and the tools to deal cost-effectively with failing systemic cross-border banks, and is designed to address many fundamental operational and incentive problems. It also seeks to reduce moral hazard and better protect countries against the risk of twin fiscal-financial crises by detaching banks from government budgets. The ERA would be most effective if it were twinned or combined with a European Deposit Insurance and Resolution Fund.

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