Fiscal Sustainability in Heavily Indebted Countries Dependenton Nonrenewable Resources : The Case of Gabon

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Author/Editor: Joseph Ntamatungiro
Release Date: © February, 2004
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This paper proposes a framework for assessing fiscal sustainability in heavily indebted countries dependent on exhaustible resources, with reference to Gabon. It finds that fiscal sustainability could be achieved by: (i) developing a fiscal rule for the non-oil primary fiscal balance compatible with an objective for reducing the debt-to-non-oil GDP ratio; (ii) introducing a constant oil-based income transfer per capita allowing intergenerational equity; and (iii) building up an oil savings fund. Long-term simulations show that Gabon's fiscal position is fragile and that a fiscal policy path consistent with the proposed framework could help achieve comfortable levels of net wealth.


Debt , Economic policy , Fiscal policy

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