The External Balance Assessment (EBA) Methodology

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Author/Editor: Steven Phillips, Luis Catão, Luca Antonio Ricci, Rudolfs Bems, Mitali Das, Julian di Giovanni, D Filiz Unsal, Marola Castillo, Jungjin Lee, Jair Rodriguez, Mauricio Vargas
Release Date: © December, 2013
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The External Balance Assessment (EBA) methodology has been developed by the IMF’s Research Department as a successor to the CGER methodology for assessing current accounts and exchange rates in a multilaterally consistent manner. Compared to other approaches, EBA emphasizes distinguishing between the positive empirical analysis and the normative assessment of current accounts and exchange rates, and highlights the roles of policies and policy distortions. This paper provides a comprehensive description and discussion of the 2013 version (“2.0”) of the EBA methodology, including areas for its further development.

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